Wilhelmina was the Queen of the Netherlands, she was the great-grandmother of our current king. A thorough biography on Wilhelmina was written by Cees Fasseur, depicting her as a charming and nice lady.

My granddad used to work at her palace, “‘t Loo” in Apeldoorn. Only when no other work was available, because Wilhelmina would pay workers less because, as she said, “its such an honor to work for me”. Granddad told us numerous stories about how Wilhelmina was a bitch, to her staff, to everyone. I’m considering writing up the stories of granddad, and publish them.

Today I bought and started reading another book about Wilhelmina, by Gerard Aalders, published by Just Publishers. Aalders shows a very different queen than Fasseur. One that matches granddad’s stories. This will make it easier for me to publish the stories, under the name “Driemaal bedrog”, a title my dad came up with.

Neuromorphic chips: a major leap in AI

AI has made a giant step forward by the invention of “deep learning” in neural networks. AI stands for “Artificial Intelligence”, as opposed to “Human Intelligence”, suggesting AI is as intelligent as humans. Some examples indeed seem to suggest it does. AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedol. Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov. But does beating a human at a very narrowly defined task mean a computer is smarter than a human, or even, that it is smart at all? Let’s have a closer look.



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Coba Ritsema was one of the “Amsterdamse Joffers“, a group of women painters who met at the Acadamy of Arts in Amsterdam. They are not a movement, they did not agree on style or anything, they were just a group of friends, assembling frequently for a cup of tea at the atelier of Therese Schwartze. This is a small painting of Coba’s. I bought it at an auction two weeks ago. For just €100.



Android MVC, MVP, MVVM?

Sometimes when I apply for a freelance assignment, I am asked “do you use MVC”? I’ve found it hard to answer that question. I know what it is, I don’t use it, but when I say so, I don’t get the assignment. I have explored the issue in a little detail more recently, and now I have the answer.

MVC doesn’t really fit the Android lifecycle model, as is explained in more detail here. Model, View and Controller are hard to match to Activities, Fragments, and other Android components. My apps generally have Activities and/or Fragments, and custom Views. These have access to an intermediate layer that manages data and API access, and everything that’s in the model and data layers. Using dependency injection makes it easy to fully separate the View layer, the model/data layer and the intermediate layer. This is not the case for and MVC model where there is a coupling between all layers.

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